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The brand presentation is perfectly staged, the event location has the right atmosphere, the programme for the trade fair or conference could not be more exciting and everything is planned down to the very last detail – but often there is one potential fly in the ointment that determines the success or failure of your project: the human touch! After all, it’s not (just) brand worlds that touch people emotionally. All too often it’s a question of the human touch. Pick the right staff for your project to ensure that you make a positive mark!

Staff for flexible deployments

The right staff makes the difference with a human touch in live marketing or at trade fairs, conferences and events: customer-centric and competent advice, courteous service, hospitality, a winning manner and a friendly smile are just a few of the qualities that USP staff bring to the table. Language skills, flexibility and rapid availability in all regions of Switzerland, commitment, reliability and impeccable motivation are the basic requirements to work for USP and on behalf of its discerning customers.

Personally recruited, hand-picked and thoroughly trained

USP employees are carefully selected and hired by us at recruiting events to meet your needs and requirements. Unsolicited, online applications simply do not make the grade. Our staff receive diligent preparation for their upcoming tasks thanks to tailored courses and thorough seminars in the areas of appearance, communication, conduct and sales. Over 2,500 friendly and competent hostesses, hosts, team leaders, car explainers, promoters, samplers, tasters, merchandisers, catering staff, drivers, logistics experts, all-rounders and models are available for flexible assignments throughout Switzerland. A pool that we use to accommodate every need – USP has the right people for any occasion. And if not, we’ll find them for you!

USP people invigorate your brands and bring them to life.

You want more than just the best staff? You need a strong partner to support you in all other areas as well? If so, browse through our services for live marketing, POS merchandising and trade fairs, conferences & events – as your full service marketing agency, we are happy to look after the development, planning and organisation of everything you need for successful projects.

Temporary staff with payroll services

Whether you need temporary marketing or sales support to launch a new product, are looking for fresh ways for your powerful sales force to attract new customers or need seasonal support from sales and consulting staff in your retail channel:

USP has long-standing experience in the provision of competent, professional, committed and friendly marketing and sales staff to prestigious companies in the consumer goods industry and for various retail channels.

We deliver the support you need – quickly, purposefully and entirely without red tape. In addition, we are delighted to provide comprehensive HR solutions, including payroll services: they include recruitment, selection, employment, contract management and complete HR administration (wage payment, social security, holidays, sick leave, accidents and more). By arrangement, we can also organise leased company cars, as well as contracts for PC/laptops and smartphones.

We give you HR solutions that are tailored precisely to your needs. Contact us for a quotation with no further commitment!

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