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Profitable concepts are built on a strong idea, which itself requires insight – what sounds so simple actually entails a purposeful and structured approach to developing concepts; after all, bright ideas don’t appear by magic. Okay, sometimes they seem to do just that.

The most important foundation for successful work is the clarity with which goals are defined as the starting point for developing concepts. Whether it’s about increasing sales or turnover, a clear focus on aspects of image or the creation of a unique brand experience, it is always crucial to formulate concisely which outcome should ultimately be delivered.

Indeed, aside from some information about the brand, product and a few other details, the assigned goal is all we need from you to get started. Once we know what you want, we take care of everything else – developing a profitable concept with innovative and viable ideas. Building on our over 20 years of experience, we know what works at the POS or on out-of-home (OOH) channels – and what will fall flat on its face.

Creating bright ideas together

We use your briefing – or preferably a face-to-face meeting – to develop strategic guidelines and baseline ideas that match the type and scope of your assignment. In the next step, we take this material to create a rough outline and use favoured ideas to build a detailed concept. In close coordination with you as our customer, of course. We do not proceed to high-quality planning and organisation until a coherent concept has been developed and mutually agreed. Once that is done, we offer our customers everything they need from a single source. Genuine full service – a one-stop solution from A to Z.

USP moves your brand with smart ideas to bring success to all your marketing activities.

It pays dividends to have an experienced partner

Benefit from our comprehensive, over 20 years of experience and the strong network we have built across virtually every sector during projects of all shapes and sizes. This means we can draw on best practice cases for almost every requirement, status quo or objectives. We use the lessons learned and our experience to build a concept that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Do you already have an idea or a finished concept?

Even then, we are the right partner for you! We approach planning and organisation with the same passion that we bring to the table for our own ideas and concepts. Do not hesitate to enquire if you would like us to take these tasks off your hands.How satisfied are you with the success of your live marketing projects?

We will gladly contribute our expertise and passion to the design, planning and organisation of your projects in the areas of live marketing, POS merchandising, trade fairs, conferences, events and people


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Concepts & consulting Your partner for bright ideas and innovative concepts

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