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Full service POS management, including warehouse, logistics and digital planning & reporting tools All-year programme: Weekly POS drives and shelf/layout conversions

USP Partner AG has planned and organised the merchandising and POPM projects across Switzerland throughout the year on all retail channels for JT International AG since November 2015.

Digital tools for efficient planning and meaningful reporting

USP developed a customised, online planning and reporting tool for on-site use, which is available to the 30-strong team of merchandisers as a smartphone app. During planning, it is also used to allocate assignments with POS and to-do lists, and afterwards to produce meaningful reports. In addition, USP manages a lot of the POPM material for the drives themselves. Up to 20 euro-pallets with branding and visualisation material arrive each month at the agency’s warehouse in Thalwil, where a professional team looks after the storage and picking for the USP merchandisers’ drives. USP developed proprietary warehouse software to ensure constant access to the inventories and movements of this extensive material.

Weekly tours throughout Switzerland

Every week, the USP merchandisers swarm out through German and French-speaking Switzerland to attend to the retail channels for JTI, ensuring high-impact visibility at the point of sale through the placement of POP materials or by redesigning the shelves according to customer specifications and planning diagrams. We have created clear structures that involve regular planning and coordination meetings within the UPS team and with JTI in order to ensure efficient management of this major project and to foster continuous process optimisation.

With its warehouse facilities in Thalwil, digital tools for the planning and reporting of all merchandising projects and extensive know-how about the retail channels, USP is able to tick all the boxes for professional POS merchandising as a full service provider – on a project/campaign level or all year round for the permanent support of points of sale throughout the entire retail sector in Switzerland.


Full service partner for nationwide management, planning and organisation of all POS merchandising projects and shelf conversions across every retail channel in Switzerland. Efficient handling of all planning and reporting processes, as well as professional warehouse management.


Dedicated project team to manage key accounts and major projects. Customised and proprietary digital tools for efficient data management in the planning and logging of results (KPI reporting at campaign, retail channel and POS level). Large nationwide pool of professional merchandisers to cover all regions in Switzerland. Full services, including agency warehouse, to manage the entire merchandising process.


Over 27,000 POS visits made, more than 6,500 shelf/layout conversions successfully planned and completed, over 80,000 visibility and branding materials placed in-store and so far over 100,000 live report photos checked – and still counting!

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