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Production and nationwide roll-out of POS materials for the Opel XTRA Days marking the launch of the new MOKKA X and Zafira models. Staging the XTRA Days in Opel’s Swiss network of dealers

Opel Suisse launched the new MOKKA X and Zafira models in Switzerland in October 2016. Opel chose USP as its merchandising partner for the professional planning and organisation of POS presentation during the campaign. USP then produced and packaged all the promotional material and placed it at every touchpoint among participating car dealers in Switzerland in good time prior to the launch.

For Opel’s XTRA Days, USP took charge of producing the complete promotional material and monitored all stages of the process, agreed a clear schedule with the 65 Opel dealers to ensure punctual completion, prepared efficient route plans, recruited and trained a hard-hitting team of merchandisers, packed the branding material and organised the requested delivery to each Opel garage within the dealership network in every language region nationwide.

Working in pairs and cooperating closely with the dealers, 20 merchandisers took just three days to assemble the entire POS infrastructure and visibility materials in the showrooms, ensuring clear and defined visual impact according to the specific layout requirements. On the fourth day of the project, the merchandisers paid another visit to all car dealerships to inflate and place all air and helium balloons shortly before the start of the event. They did this to make sure that the balloons remained as eye-catchers for as long as possible, attracting attention throughout the days of the launch. The merchandisers downloaded USP’s online, proprietary planning and reporting app to their smartphones to ensure efficient completion of the assignments and to report on their work from the field.

The high-impact, giant balloons in yellow and black were visible from afar and attracted interested visitors to visit their nearest Opel dealership during the XTRA Days.


Full-service solution for staging of the Opel XTRA Days in the nationwide network of Swiss Opel dealers, including production, roll-out and installation of all materials at the POS.


A clear POS concept, meticulously and efficiently planned production and roll-out thanks to the USP merchandising planning and reporting tool, as well as excellent commitment and attention to detail on the part of the USP merchandisers in the on-site POS implementation.


Punctual and perfect staging for 65 Opel dealers

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