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Fresh approach to regional news NZZ: Promotion to expand the subscriber base

The modern age meets the 1920s: USP staged the Speakers’ Corner for the NZZ-Mediengruppe publications Luzerner Zeitung and St. Galler Tagblatt. It took place on a Saturday in May, on the railway station forecourt in Lucerne and in the St. Galler Shoppingarena, where a Narrator loudly proclaimed the day’s headlines from the regional newspapers.

A good speech or interesting lecture will always depend primarily on the content. The two regional newspapers by NZZ-Mediengruppe keep readers up to date with the latest developments from around the world, as well as with regional stories & facts – every day of the week. Outstanding and thoroughly researched journalistic quality is the cornerstone of the media company’s strategy. The Luzerner Zeitung and St. Galler Tagblatt were determined to communicate these distinctive properties and to demonstrate their strong bonds to the regional community with a live marketing project.

Speakers’ Corner – a memorable experience for the target group

Karl Marx, Lenin and George Orwell were accomplished public orators, but the regional newspapers within the NZZ-Mediengruppe can hold their own too. Drawing on a glorious tradition, USP transported the legendary Speakers’ Corner from Hyde Park, London, to Lucerne and St. Gallen. Indeed, the entire presentation was inspired by a golden age, and not just the activity itself. Attired in an authentic tailcoat with a top hat and sporting admirable whiskers, the narrator, a professional actor, stepped onto the stage and transformed the railway station forecourt in Lucerne and the shopping arena in St. Gallen into a vintage podcast, providing passers-by with entertaining information about current events from the region. The jostling crowds, both young and old, were fascinated by the spectacle and delighted to hear this unusual presentation of news from the local community and the wider world.

The approximately 5-minute show was repeated at regular intervals throughout the day; after each slot, promoters distributed flyers to the audience with an attractive trial subscription for the Luzerner Zeitung or the St. Galler Tagblatt.

USP was in charge of the concept, planning and organisation for this promotion.


Creative and appealing live marketing drive for the recruitment of new subscribers to the NZZ regional newspapers St.Galler Tagblatt and Luzerner Zeitung.


Back to the roots: a surprising staging and themed performance with a pinch of humour to create the necessary attention and appeal within the target group – building a foundation for the recruitment of new subscribers.


Over 5,000 directly generated contacts over two project days – and immeasurably more OTS!

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