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A fresh and inviting presence with supermarket stands POS promotions for the Lidl Menu Box

USP Partner took charge of the concept, planning and organisation of Lidl’s POS promotions for the innovative catering package “Menu Box”, a subscription cookery deal with home delivery of all the necessary ingredients to help hobby chefs freshen up their menus.

The marketing drive took place in several Lidl markets across Switzerland and included a clever stand concept and thoroughly trained USP promoters. The project aimed to raise awareness for this online product, provide customers with information about the Menu Box and boost sales on the ground using an array of delicious sampling options.

Fresh products, like straight from the market

To achieve these goals, the promotion stand was elaborately and lovingly decorated in the style of a market stall, inviting consumers to form their own impression of the fresh products in Lidl’s Menu Box and to learn which delicious dishes they would then be able to make at home. In addition, the promoters provided detailed advice to eliminate the consumers’ timidity at ordering products online and to explain the simple, no-obligation purchase process as a means of recruiting as many new customers as possible for this fantastic product. After all, life is too short to eat bad food!


Emotional staging of the online-only box as part of Lidl’s live marketing POS project, with a clear focus on product experience, advice and active sales


Fresh products, like straight from the market Emotional and lovingly decorated stand concept for a strong brand presence and friendly promoters with strong communication and sales skills to address the target group. Voilà – a ready-made recipe for successful POS promotion!


6 POS, over 3,500 consultations, numerous trial and follow-up sales for the product

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