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#BetterWithFrangelico Hospitality activation for Frangelico

USP Partner was commissioned by Campari Schweiz AG to design a tailored and high-impact restaurant concept for Frangelico to raise awareness in Switzerland, communicate the brand values and anchor the brand in the emotional world of the target group. USP took charge of the complete planning and organisation for 30 outlets in total.

Live marketing project in hospitality outlets Trials & brand experience

Frangelico was keen to include trials in the live marketing project to convince consumers of the delicious hazelnut taste and to give them an emotional experience of the traditional Piemont brand’s world.

USP designed a creative concept for Frangelico. It was built around an animation game that was devised specifically for the marketing project to whisk the consumers away on a unique customer journey. Promoters were kitted out with hazelnuts, lime slices, lots of Frangelico shots and the unique Frangelico dice. This dice was emblazoned with 3 icons, each of which symbolised an entertaining challenge. The promoters generated as many trials as possible almost by “coincidence”, actively sold every additional shot and in doing so created added value for all stakeholders: the target group, the proprietor of the outlet and Frangelico. After all, everything is little better with Frangelico – even shots become a connoisseur experience with Frangelico and a slice of lime.


Creation of brand experience and trials for the Frangelico brand in trendy clubs and bars of the Swiss hospitality segment.


Branded activation project on behalf of Frangelico, specially designed for the hospitality business, especially bars and clubs. Simple animation game to involve the target group and spread positive vibes. Coupled with cheerful and friendly promoters who perfectly communicated the message to the target group: Everything is a bit #BetterWithFrangelico!


Over 70% of those contacted took part. Over 28% of the contacts went on to buy another Frangelico shot.

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