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USP USP Partner AG supports 1664 Blanc with national launch

April 22, 2024

Since March 2024, the blue wave of 1664 Blanc has reached Switzerland. USP Partner AG is supporting the premium lifestyle brand 1664 Blanc from Feldschlösschen Getränke AG with various activities for the national launch: USP designed, created and produced a modular event toolkit for the brand at the end of 2023 to stage 1664 Blanc at events and in gastronomy in line with the new positioning. At the beginning of 2024, USP also laid the foundations for a comprehensive partnership between 1664 Blanc and the independent fashion house PKZ Burger-Kehl & Co. AG.

With the claim "Good Taste with a Twist", 1664 Blanc is setting out to conquer Switzerland for itself, relying on a colorful bouquet of activities to make the brand known and to stage it in accordance with the new positioning. The full-service marketing agency USP Partner AG is providing comprehensive support to those responsible at 1664 Blanc at various levels.

At the end of 2023, USP was already able to design and realize a modular event toolkit for use at events and in the catering environment, which impresses with its impressive bar and modular construction for flexible use. At the heart of the presentation is the rear element of the bar, which brings the newly developed VIS to life with an elaborate honeycomb structure with a great depth effect, in which the logo shines with a centrally placed illuminated sign and offers the iconic 1664 Blanc bottle a worthy presentation surface. The first use at Art Genève at the beginning of 2024 was a complete success. USP was responsible for the conception, creation and securing the production of the event toolkit and also took care of the organization and planning of the first deployment, which will be followed by many more deployments in 2024.

In order to effectively stage the premium brand in the fashion, design and art environment in line with its positioning, USP also developed a comprehensive cooperation concept for a partnership between 1664 Blanc and the independent fashion house PKZ Burger-Kehl & Co. AG, which celebrated its launch at the big launch event in March 2024. USP was subsequently responsible for the initial implementation of the partnership and realized in-store activations at PKZ in Zurich, Bern and Basel. In addition to mobile bars, permanently installed 1664 Blanc corners in the aforementioned stores ensure that a perfectly chilled 1664 Blanc is always available to toast your new wardrobe while shopping.

Another highlight was the temporary display in the PKZ shop window on the famous Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich featuring the partnership between 1664 Blanc and PKZ for two weeks. A true-to-life and lovingly designed oversized replica of the 1664 Blanc bottle was at the center of the display, which was atmospherically complemented with other accessories and matching outfits from PKZ. Here too, USP was able to provide comprehensive support and realize the idea, creation, production and on-site implementation of the activities from a single source. Further work on 1664 Blanc is being planned and will follow shortly.

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