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USP “Refuse to Choose” with FUSETEA & USP

September 26, 2019

We all deal with choices every day, whether at work or in our personal lives. Millennials in particular struggle with the torrent of options and their occasional timidity when facing decisions. USP addressed this issue for FUSETEA by organising branded and targeted live marketing drives.

FUSETEA convinced the Swiss market with its deliciously unique and invigorating fusion of tea, refreshing fruit and aromatic herbs during last year’s launch campaign. Besides raising the target group’s awareness, Coca-Cola Switzerland was keen to use a follow-up campaign to anchor the brand values firmly in the minds of the target group. Its intention was to inspire and animate consumers to create their own FUSETEA fusions that add new and fulfilling qualities to everyday life. USP was responsible for the design, planning and organisation of all live marketing activities in the 2018 launch campaign.

The most important compromise in the life of a millennial is most probably the decision to pursue a fast-track and high-flying career or to achieve a harmonious work-life balance – fully aware that succeeding in both is unlikely to be possible and that at least some wishes will inevitably remain unfulfilled. And everything has to be decided straight away.

The FUSETEA Oasis – a place where decisions are unnecessary

To address this issue, USP created an Oasis at which the target group could take a breather from their complex lives and where they would not have to make any decisions, a place to relax, work or do both things simultaneously.

The live marketing campaign was designed with this in mind: The elaborately and lovingly created venue offered the target group an opportunity to relax and work, to switch off alone or together with friends, to be online and remain nonetheless in the real world, a world where mutually exclusive alternatives would be replaced by complementary and salubrious additions – a place for retreat without remorse.

At the centre of the stand was a bar where visitors were invited to concoct their personal mocktail as a delicious blend of seven herbs, fruit and their favourite FUSETEA. So the only decision they had to make was to select their choice of mocktail.

The live marketing campaign was framed by a large-scale mass sampling drive at Switzerland’s busiest railway stations.

In this way, USP was able to generate around 275,000 FUSETEA trials and to create a sophisticated brand presence as an immersive experience of the FUSETEA world for the target group.

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