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Valser gives 100% for PET recycling in Switzerland Valser PET Recycling Campaign

In the run-up to Global Recycling Days 2020, USP Partner AG planned and organised a surprising PET recycling campaign for Valser on behalf of Coca-Cola Switzerland. The aim was to make the Swiss population even more aware of the recycling of PET bottles for on-the-go consumption.

USP Partner AG planned and organised an eye-catching Valser marketing campaign for Coca-Cola Switzerland to mark Global Recycling Day: “Official” PET recycling stations were set up in various Swiss cities in cooperation with PET-Recycling Switzerland. The aim was to sensitise passers-by for the issue of on-the-go recycling. The whole procedure was incredibly easy, as Valser turns old PET bottles into new ones and has been using 100% recycled PET for its entire range since 2019: 100% rPET and 100% commitment to Switzerland’s most sustainable mineral water brand. Even the recycling point breaks out in applause!

The mood film of the likeable campaign was launched on various digital channels just in time for Global Recycling Day on 18 March 2020, where it reached even an even wider audience. A small contribution with a significant impact that USP Partner AG was delighted to support with 100% commitment in the planning and organisation of this pleasant campaign.


Raising awareness in the Swiss population for the topic of recycling in a surprising and humorous way and content generation to advertise the commitment on digital channels.


Guerrilla campaign with positioning of the PET recycling points at unusual locations in public spaces. The recycling point breaks out in a round of applause every time a PET bottle is recycled – immediately rewarding sustainable and responsible behaviour with a playful wink. Mood film to document the entire project.


100% commitment to 100% rPET!

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