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USP designed and organised branded live marketing drives for five Feldschlösschen brands Sampling projects for Feldschlösschen Getränke AG: Trials & brand experience

In 2019, USP was proud to manage the entire conception, planning and organisation of a sampling project for five Feldschlösschen brands – Feldschlösschen, EVE, Somersby, Schweppes and Bilz.

Emotional presentation for brand activation

USP designed a creative and emotional concept for the Somersby and EVE brands. The aim was to create a top-of-heart status in addition to top-of-mind awareness. To do so, USP organised high-impact promotions in various Swiss shopping centres: Equity samplings, which used emotional stand design to immerse consumers in the unique world of the promoted products. Other branding and visibility elements were added to the consumer touchpoints to guarantee powerful brand presentation.

Mass samplings to generate numerous contacts & trials

USP used mass sampling drives for the brands Feldschlösschen Alcohol-free, Bilz und Schweppes at Switzerland’s largest and busiest railway stations to reach a maximum number of people and conduct as many trials as possible. Besides creating brand awareness, a focus was placed on the great taste of the Feldschlösschen Alcohol-free and Bilz products. Particular attention was paid to the intricately planned refrigeration logistics for equity and mass sampling, which guaranteed that each sample was delivered to the target group at precisely the right temperature to ensure the greatest possible enjoyment. USP benefited from its extensive experience in the planning and organisation of sampling drives in the FMCG segment and in promotions that require an end-to-end cooling chain.

In total, USP distributed more than half a million samples of the five different brands to Swiss citizens and used cleverly designed stand, branding and visibility concepts to generate exponential contacts for the brands. USP Partner took charge of the complete marketing concept for Feldschlösschen and also ensured the entire planning and organisation.


Concept, planning and organisation of all sampling activities for five Feldschlösschen brands. Consideration of the brand values in selection of the activity and development of the brand presentation (branding/visibility) between the dichotomous poles of KPIs such as budget and contact generation volume.


Comprehensive and completely autonomous sampling drives for each brand, with due consideration of the defined targets per brand. Cleverly designed branding and visibility concepts to ensure ideal brand presentation.


More than 500,000 perfectly chilled samples and exponential communicative contacts for the brands

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