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Contacts & trials through high-frequency sampling activities Mass samplings for Somersby

USP is able to provide comprehensive live marketing support for many Feldschlösschen brands - including targeted sampling activities: from guerrilla sampling and sampling at the POS to mass samplings at highly frequented train stations, such as for Somersby Wild Berries 0.0 %, in order to quickly build awareness for the non-alcoholic product innovation, generate important trials and create a positive brand experience.

USP takes care of all areas from A to Z: First, the location is planned, including obtaining permits, taking into account the regional split and the desired total number of contacts. This is followed by the definition of the brand presence, which must be atmospheric and impactful, but also functional for sampling at train stations and meet certain requirements. This also includes the appropriate dress code.

USP then organizes the right cold storage and refrigeration logistics so that each sample is delivered at the exact temperature that promises the highest enjoyment value. USP promises to adhere to a cooling corridor of a few degrees variance to ensure that samples are always delivered perfectly chilled in the truest sense of the word - and this is monitored on an ongoing basis.

As part of the site-specific planning, USP also takes care of the recruitment and selection of suitable staff for the teams, consisting of a team leader as the boss on site, logisticians for the replenishment of goods and promoters as samplers and brand ambassadors, who hand out the product to the target group in a friendly manner and can also provide competent information on request. This was ensured by training and e-learning modules, including a test, in the run-up to the deployment in order to guarantee high-quality implementation at all times.


160,000 trials with a suitable sampling concept, brand-appropriate appearance and adherence to five dimensions for qualitative target achievement.


Mass sampling at a total of 10 locations at highly frequented train stations with contour-cut visibility in can form and oversized branding elements in 3D as well as motivated and well-prepared teams of promoters.


101% achievement of quantitative targets, 200% achievement of qualitative targets - and an extremely satisfied customer.

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