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Aktifit – gets you fit for the day Railway station promotion for Emmi Aktifit

USP took charge of the concept, planning and organisation of railway station promotional drives for Aktifit on behalf of Emmi Switzerland.

Mentally and physically fit for everyday life with Emmi Aktifit

Emmi Aktifit is the refreshingly fruity mini-yoghurt drink that was launched in 1996. Since then, it has become an established product on the Swiss market and enjoys high brand awareness. Besides the two rational benefits “Swissness & lactose-free”, the promotions were designed to focus on the emotional benefit, as “feeling fit and ready for everyday life” is a factor that everyone can relate to and describes a universally aspirational state.

The promotion concept managed to turn this product promise into a tangible experience for the target group by asking people to prove their fitness at the Aktifit promotional stands. The activities were accompanied by mass samplings – for maximum impact and contact generation.

“How fit are you?”

Designed to include a direct additional benefit for the target group, the Aktifit promotional stands were assembled at busy railway stations. Visitors to the stands were given the opportunity to demonstrate whether they are “Aktifitters” and up to the challenge: by answering as many questions as possible about nutrition & health in 30 seconds, while standing on a balance board. Their score was then equivalent to the number of correct answers. Immediate prizes included practical Aktifit cooling bags (naturally filled with products) or Ochsner Sport vouchers to swap for active lifestyle equipment.


Use of a topical live marketing promotion to create a tangible experience of the product promise: Mentally and physically fit for everyday life thanks to Aktifit. Communication of the product benefits, which important vitamins Aktifit contains and how much of the recommended daily intake this represents – also organisation of trials to allow consumers to discover that Aktifit also tastes great.


Large-scale promotions at the busiest railway stations in Switzerland: Eye-catching brand presentation with animation and tasting at the promotional stands and high-reach mass samplings at the distribution points. Use of body & mind to draw in the target group and create an impressive and memorable brand experience.


Over 129,000 trials, over 2,000 tastings, over 1,000 challenge contestants

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