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USP USP designs and organises the live marketing project for the Fusetea launch

7. Juni 2018

USP took charge of the concept, planning and organisation of live and BTL marketing activities during the large-scale launch campaign for Fusetea by Coca-Cola Switzerland.

It is Coca-Cola Switzerland’s biggest campaign since the introduction of Coke Zero in 2007: Fusetea, a unique and invigorating fusion of tea and fruit flavours with a hint of herbs in 3 different flavours, was to be launched on the Swiss market with a bang. Besides a quick establishment of brand awareness, Coca-Cola Switzerland was particularly concerned to allow consumers to sample the delicious flavours and to draw them into the stimulating world of the new Fusetea brand.

The first step is to convince the staff of the brand and the product

Before bringing the Fusetea innovation to the attention of a wider audience, Coca-Cola Switzerland first wanted to give its employees a personal moment of pleasure and make them fans of the delicious and fresh Fusetea experience. To this end, a motivated and charming team of USP promoters toured Switzerland with an office sampling kit, visiting the headquarters and all other Coca-Cola locations to give every employee a personal taste of Fusetea.

USP also developed an interactive Fusetea world with tasting and relaxation booths to persuade the sales teams – the company’s key ambassadors – of the Fusetea benefits. These booths were then set up at the major sales kick-off conference at the beginning of the year

National roll-out with experiential and mass samplings

“Our plan was built on mass sampling at the 13 largest and busiest stations in Switzerland as ideal venues to reach as many people as possible, to build awareness quickly and to generate trials,” explains Dominik Nyffenegger, CEO | Partner and project leader at USP. “The second step was to organise experiential promotions with live tasting and sampling in various shopping centres in Switzerland. Their purpose was to communicate more about the new brand in addition to the product,” he continues. USP therefore created a fascinating interactive realm as a relaxed alternative to our fast-paced world. During the tasting, the trained team of USP promoters informed the consumers about the choice ingredients and meticulous production of Fusetea.

In total, the USP measures generated over 650,000 trials for Fusetea and also supported the development of brand awareness. The clever and sophisticated branding and visibility concept also ensured impressive penetration for the brand image.

Aside from designing all activities, USP Partner was also responsible for planning and organising the various elements of the campaign.

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