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USP Switzerland-wide POS promotion for Ricola

December 14, 2022

For the first time in Ricola's history, sweets were cooked and minted live in front of the public at 13 Coop locations throughout Switzerland as part of a major POS promotion. Shoppers were thus able to enjoy a freshly prepared herb candy that could be tasted while still warm. The premiere was more than successful: the unique experience delighted young and old alike. The wonderful herbal scent of the freshly cooked sweets permeated the respective POS and thus attracted a lot of visitors to the Ricola stand.

Consumers were able to experience the cooking and minting process live on site and also gathered a lot of interesting information about the world-famous Ricola brand, which the Ricola candy chefs presented to the audience in an entertaining way during the process. The quality of the raw materials used and their careful processing are central to Ricola. This message was staged at the POS in a manner appropriate to the brand and demonstrated live via cooking on site. A brand presentation designed with attention to detail rounded off the experience. Among other things, the 13 herbs of the famous Ricola herb mixture were presented in a raised bed at the stand, where they could be admired and sniffed. Strong visibility elements, high merchandise pressure and matching sales offers with discounts and add on promotions also ensured that the unique brand experience could be translated into figures.

USP was entrusted with the overall responsibility for the live marketing activation and was responsible for the project management from the concept, development of the booth and brand appearance to ensuring the logistics and the professional overall appearance on the floor.

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