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USP Roadshow for Toyota C-HR designed and realized

December 20, 2023

The Toyota C-HR is an icon in the Japanese car manufacturer's model range. The model has now been evolved and completely revised and will be relaunched in October 2023. In order to raise awareness of the new Toyota C-HR and bring the vehicle closer to the target group and make it tangible, USP was commissioned by Toyota Switzerland to design, plan and implement a nationwide roadshow.

USP designed the stand and brand presence for the roadshow based on the design and formal language of the avant-garde Toyota C-HR and the imagery of the campaign: Angular edges and futuristic design of the stand elements embedded the vehicle in the center of the stand seamlessly into the atmospheric appearance. Three themed information pillars - in the same design language - presented the central innovations in the areas of technology, drive systems and sustainability in a visual and informative way. However, the design-oriented Toyota C-HR with its eye-catching bi-tone paintwork was the real star of the presentation.

Switzerland-wide tour at 8 locations

The roadshow toured throughout Switzerland across all language regions and visited high-traffic indoor and outdoor locations at train stations, shopping malls and public squares in urban areas. This brought the new Toyota C-HR directly to the target group, who were able to find out all about the vehicle and receive comprehensive advice from the competent, professional and friendly USP car explainers on site. Anyone who wanted to take a test drive after the test drive could register directly on site for a test drive at their preferred dealer.

Digital support from a single source

The roadshow was also accompanied by a social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok - in the run-up to the event, regionally targeted advertising created awareness and traffic for the respective roadshow locations, and interested parties were then encouraged to book a test drive in step two. The campaign consisted of video animations and static advertising material; content creators visited the roadshow locations for TikTok and reported on the live activation.

With warp, USP's subsidiary agency for full-service digital marketing, the digital services from concept to creation of all assets to media planning were all realized from a single source.

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