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USP Personalized brand activation for Ricola at the Arosa Humorfestival

January 24, 2022

We planned and implemented a personalized Christmas promotion for the iconic Swiss herbal candy brand Ricola. The activation took place as part of Ricola's sponsorship commitment to the Arosa Humorfestival in the event village of the annual Humorfestival in December 2021.

The aim was to create an activation that was unique to the Humorfestival, tailored to the pre-Christmas season and in keeping with the brand. The core of the activation was a limited Ricola XXL Christmas edition with the four most popular flavors Original, Glacier Mint, Elderflower and Lemon Balm, which consumers could personalize on site with their personal greeting message, name or favorite saying. With the high-quality implemented individualization, the limited XXL Christmas edition of Ricola was the perfect Christmas gift that consumers could buy for their loved ones or simply for themselves.

For the on-site implementation, we created attention-grabbing stand and visibility elements, for which the recently redeveloped Ricola brand campaign was also appropriately staged for the promotion. The stand was thus both an eye-catcher and, together with the promotion, a crowd puller for the guests in the event village of the Arosa Humorfestival. The USP brand ambassadors were thoroughly trained on the Ricola brand, the products and the promotion and were thus ideally prepared to competently advise the visitors, to encourage them to buy a personalized XXL Christmas edition and to offer them an overall emotional and lasting brand experience.

The innovative activation and the fact that Ricola's limited Christmas Edition was not available anywhere else made the promotion a special and unique experience for the visitors of the Arosa Humorfestival.

Together with its client Ricola, USP was responsible for the conception of the promotion, developed the solution for the realization of the personalization and was also responsible for the entire planning and ensuring a smooth implementation.

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