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USP New from old - 100% Coca-Cola rPET on tour with USP

August 26, 2022

As of the beginning of May 2022, Coca-Cola HBC Schweiz AG introduced 100% recycled PET (so-called "rPET") for all bottles produced in this country. The switch to 100% rPET is part of the company's global vision of "A world without waste". With this, Coca-Cola has set itself the goal of taking back one for every bottle sold. USP was entrusted with the overall responsibility for the POS launch and was responsible for the project management from the concept, development of the shopper activation to ensuring a brand-appropriate overall appearance on the floor and organization of the promotion staff for the support in the implementation.

With the introduction of bottles made of 100% recycled material, Coca-Cola is taking a big step towards a full circular economy. The switch will save around 3,300 tons of virgin PET annually. When it comes to recycling PET, the Swiss are among the absolute world leaders: over 83% of used PET bottles end up at the collection point. The introduction of 100% rPET is a partnership between the manufacturer and the consumer - each individual is thus making a contribution to protecting our environment.

The 100% rPET bottles were introduced in May 2022 for all products manufactured in Switzerland, such as the Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite and MezzoMix brands. In order to make Swiss consumers even more aware of the topic of "100% recycled PET" through personal contact, a major Coca-Cola promotion tour was launched at Coop, which USP was commissioned to design, plan and implement for Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland.

The aim was to give consumers an understanding of the production process of 100% rPET in a simple, impressive and playful way. The central element of the promotion tour was a large display with a rotating wheel, on which the rPET manufacturing process was explained in 5 simple steps. In order to anchor the innovation of 100% rPET as a lasting brand experience in the minds of the shoppers, the 5-step rPET production process was accompanied by an innovative augmented reality animation.

The promotional tour was a complete success: personal contact was made with over 5,000 shoppers. 2,000 of them had the rPET production process demonstrated to them via a rotating display wheel or via augmented reality and were thus able to deepen their knowledge of Coca-Cola rPET - "an important and correct step towards a more sustainable future" was the unanimous consumer feedback.

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