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USP More sustainable with Valser

September 24, 2019

UPS Partner designed a rigorously sustainable live marketing campaign to mark the launch of Valser’s innovative packaging. With this innovation, Valser continues to build on its role as a sustainability pioneer by becoming the first Swiss mineral water company to use exclusively PET bottles made from 100% recycled material (rPET). “Schön dich wieder z’gseh – nice to see you again” was the apt slogan on the label of the new Valser bottles.

VALSER – das nachhaltigste Wasser der Schweiz

VALSER – Switzerland’s most sustainable water

The traditional Swiss brand is already a pioneer of beverage and packaging production thanks to its targeted collaboration with regional partners. For instance, VALSER cooperates with prestigious institutions such as the consulting firm Swiss Climate, which maps all CO2 emissions caused by production and distribution. VALSER will use this dataset to streamline its company processes. The aim is to continuously reduce its CO2 emissions, with a defined target of 30 per cent by 2030. VALSER became the first Swiss producer of mineral water to achieve climate neutrality thanks to this consistent improvement in its carbon footprint. Determined to forge ahead into uncharted territory, VALSER also cooperates with Climeworks and obtains the CO2 it needs to carbonise its drinks directly from the ETH spin-off. This revolutionary technology, which is being used for the first time worldwide in VALSER’s beverage production, filters the CO2 from the air, purifies it and finally reprocesses it for reuse as an integral part of the sparkling drink experience.

VALSER is committed to breaking new ground in Switzerland and beyond. The charity project #ValserforWater was launched in Nepal as a cooperation with the Swiss development organisation Helvetas. For each sold litre of VALSER Still, families in the mountainous region of Nepal receive three litres of drinking water and are also given easy access to clean drinking water.

Now VALSER is going a step further and has become the first Swiss mineral water brand to use bottles made of 100 per cent recycled PET as a means of creating a completely closed-loop economy. All VALSER PET bottles will be made of fully recycled material by autumn 2019.

Valser Recycling Challenge during the nationwide road show

USP developed a unique road show through the five biggest cities to mark the launch campaign of the innovative packaging. Among other places, the show stopped off at the Bundesplatz in Bern and the Barfüsserplatz in Basel. At the heart of the campaign was a four-metre scaled model of the original VALSER bottle, made entirely of sustainable or recyclable materials. The entire road show received certification as a climate-neutral event. Swiss citizens were encouraged to toss their old PET bottles into this towering replica in the form of a recycling point. These old bottles were then completely recycled and re-released as new and old rPET bottles for VALSER – entirely in keeping with the slogan “Nice to see you again!”

A matching special offer accompanied the live marketing promotion. Consumers were given a 2-for-1 voucher for their next bottle of Valser water, which they could redeem by handing in a PET bottle at a COOP branch in Switzerland. In addition, the USP promoter team used the project as a welcome opportunity to inform consumers about the benefits of recycling and rPET.

USP took charge of designing the campaign on behalf of VALSER, including the planning, design and construction of the four-metre replica VALSER bottle, as well as organisation and hosting of the road show.

USP captured the project in a mood film

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