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USP Maserati MC20 Private Preview Days

December 10, 2020

Maserati's new super sports car MC20 was presented exclusively to a small circle at the Swiss preview - USP supported Maserati in the planning & realization of the "Private Preview Days".

In November 2020, the new Maserati MC20 was presented exclusively to selected guests at a preview. USP supported Maserati in the planning and realization of the Swiss preview at a total of 3 locations in Lausanne, Zurich and Lugano. As part of the event, Maserati wanted to offer the target group an exclusive, personal and emotional experience with the new MC20 in order to arouse interest and anticipation for the soon-to-be-released super sports car.

The Private Preview Days provide the best proof that unique and emotional brand experience is also possible in the current environment, if creative ways are found and comprehensive protection concepts for compliance with all regulations are integrated into the concepts right from the start.

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