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USP Uncompromisingly beleaf!

June 10, 2022

USP Partner AG are on the go for their clients plant based product, beleaf. Beleaf, as its name implies, and as borne out by the leafy diagrams that illustrate their product packaging, is a plant-based commodity. Buying into the ongoing and increasingly important sustainability trend, beleaf offers an enjoyable alternative to dairy-based products.

It would be a mistake to think that they have limited themselves to just one product option, however. Using various catchy slogans to engage the consumer’s attention, for example: ‘Time to beleaf’, and, ‘Don’t waste your skills’, they offer a product range from drinks, to yogurt alternatives, to desserts. Apart from the more subtly demonstrated sustainability aspect; their selling point is one of great taste plant-based benefits linked to lifestyle improvement that is tasty and accessible. They do this by marketing beleaf as being so much more than just a drink, or just a dessert. Their ‘without compromise’ tag emphasises their unwavering commitment to the ideals of great taste and sustainability by providing an enjoyable and varied diet based on purely herbal or plant-based ingredients without compromise with regards to taste or enjoyment, thus proving that wellness and enjoyment are not a contradiction in terms: if you rely on beleaf, you don’t have to make any compromises.

Bring the brand promise to life

USP Partner AG brought this brand promise to life in a live marketing activity and staged it for the target group to convey the ‘zero compromise’ theme.

Four lavishly branded and lovingly decorated e-cargo bikes ensured brand-appropriate visibility. The lenticular printing of the branding made it possible to playfully display the campaign messages “100% delicious”, “100% plant based” and the resolution “zero compromises”, which, thanks to the lenticular effect, were displayed individually or all together, depending on the position and angle of the viewer, to make it clear that you don't have to make any compromises when choosing beleaf.

The sensory box specially developed for the activity worked using the same logic; friendly and trained promoters asked the members of a target group at tour stops what was more important to them: taste or plant-based ingredients. Depending on his/her selection, the target group member was asked to reach into the hole on the side corresponding to his/her answer, in which a beleaf yogurt alternative, Lime, Peach or Berry was hidden and extracted. The resolution at the end showed in a humorous way that no matter whether the consumer makes a decision based on taste or on type of plant-based ingredient, the answer is always beleaf, because with beleaf there is no either-or, but always both.

40,000 direct contacts

The e-cargo bikes toured the seven largest cities in German-speaking Switzerland for 10 days and they reached the urban target group in pedestrian zones, public spaces, and on river and lake promenades. In addition to the effective staging via branding and activation, perfectly cooled beleaf samples ensured an immediate product experience. Almost 40,000 trials and many times more communicative contacts could be achieved with the live marketing activity thus undertaken.

USP Partner AG was responsible for developing the marketing concept as well as for the entire planning and implementation of the activity.

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