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USP Following in the footsteps of Theophil Roniger for Feldschlösschen

June 24, 2022

In 2021, Feldschlösschen celebrated its 145th anniversary. To mark the anniversary, Switzerland's largest brewery launched the "1876" beer as a tribute to its founding father, Theophil Roniger. In the accompanying TVC for the launch of the beer, the journey of Theophil Roniger and his many years on the road were traced, during which he learned his brewing craft and ultimately developed the founding recipe that laid the foundation for the establishment of the Feldschlösschen brewery and whose first recipe serves today as the basis for Feldschlösschen 1876.

USP was commissioned by Feldschlösschen to bring the story of Theophil Roniger to life for the target group in a brand-appropriate and emotional way. Within the framework of various concept routes, one approach crystallized as particularly suitable: the staging of Theophil Roniger's wanderings within the framework of an Escape Room.

In addition to the development of the detailed concept, USP's conceptual work also included the development of a business case for the subsequent operation as well as the preliminary examination of feasibility at various locations and with various operating scenarios. The Escape Room was finally realized in the "Brauwelt" of Feldschlösschen, in the newly created visitor center at the Feldschlösschen headquarters in Rheinfelden. The Escape Room thus adds a new and innovative highlight to the already attractive Brauwelt, where visitors can follow in the footsteps of Theophil Roniger on his wanderings and experience his journey first-hand. Just as the founder had to overcome various challenges on his wanderings, visitors to the Escape Room have to solve various puzzles in order to make their way through the three elaborately staged theme worlds. The themed worlds trace the various stages of Theophil Roniger's wanderings and the puzzles are also thematically coordinated with the story to ensure brand-appropriate storytelling with plenty of content for a unique brand experience.

As part of the project planning, USP brought two strong partners on board for the realization: Stammkraft GmbH realized the construction of the rooms on behalf of USP, true to the concept and with great attention to detail, Sherlock GmbH as developer and operator of its own Escape Rooms in the Basel area supported USP with the entire puzzle development and construction. USP as a full service agency had the overall responsibility for the project and was responsible for the overall project management from the concept to the handing over of the keys and the final training of the game masters.

On the "Day of Swiss Beer" the Escape Room was opened to the public for the first time and successfully started its operation.

All information about the Escape Room and booking can be found on the website of the Feldschlösschen Brewery World:

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