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USP Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE refreshes summer

September 18, 2023

Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE is the market leader in Switzerland in the ready-to-drink coffee market and enjoys unbridled popularity among young and old. Summertime is iced coffee time: with an attractive on-pack promotion, Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE gave away a hot city trip every week throughout the summer. To activate the promotion, USP designed and realized a "Summer Challenge" on behalf of Emmi Switzerland, inviting the target group to enjoy an iced refreshment - literally in the ice bath of Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE.

A familiar sight this summer: in the sun and hot temperatures, refreshment was particularly sought after. During the Summer Challenge, Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE offered two things at once: ice-cold Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE provided culinary refreshment, while an ice bath was waiting for the very brave - a mobile "bathtub" filled with ice, with which the target group could refresh themselves completely. The daring were rewarded with a suitable instant prize.

Over three days, the promotional teams were out and about in three different cities along river and lakeside promenades, refreshing the target group with cool samples and the ice bath and supporting the numerous bathing enthusiasts with equipment and manpower as they sought to cool off on and in the water with inflatable boats and inflatable flamingos.

The humorously staged activity created a good atmosphere and an emotional brand experience for the target group. The many positive reactions were captured in three mood films, which were supplemented with the tagon for on-pack promotion and thus played out as suitable brand content and for further activation of the competition on social media and other digital channels.

USP was responsible for the overall concept, including planning and realization of the summer activity.

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