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USP Recharge yourself with Aquarius

November 18, 2022

On behalf of Coca-Cola Schweiz GmbH, USP designed, planned and implemented a brand activation for the Aquarius brand together with its partner Sensape. The core of the activation was an interactive game, which the target group could play by means of gesture control and thus learn about the product benefits of Aquarius in a playful way. The activity, which took place on promotional surfaces at the Lucerne and Berne train stations, was flanked by large-scale sampling so that the target group could also convince themselves of the good taste of the products.

Aquarius from Coca-Cola is a mineral water in the flavors lemon and blood orange, which in addition to good taste also has great functional properties. With zinc and magnesium, the product covers over 30% of the daily requirement of minerals and gives the body back exactly what you lose in everyday life: Fluid and minerals. Aquarius is therefore not only an ideal companion in leisure time, but also in everyday office life and ensures that you are always properly "charged".

In order to stage this product benefit and to bring it closer to the target group in a playful way with gamification, USP designed an interactive game, which it developed and realized in implementation with its partner Sensape. Intelligent touchscreens with Artificial Intelligence (AI) allowed an innovative way of playing with gesture control, which simultaneously recognized important characteristics of the target group such as age and gender and interacted with the target group based on these. After an animation that showed how much fluid and minerals one loses throughout the day, the game immediately showed the solution to the problem: Aquarius, which gives one back this fluid and minerals. In the game, one then had to use an empty bottle to collect what belongs to Aquarius - and avoid what should not be in the bottle. The game was completed with photos with funny filter functions, which could be printed out on site as a souvenir or sent to oneself via e-mail or SMS.

The rest of the brand presentation was also fully aligned with the "recharge theme": from massage chairs for a short relaxing rest, to charging stations for smartphones and laptops, to practical powerbanks with various connections as giveaways. Perfectly cooled product samples at the promotional booth and sampling touchpoints rounded off the activation and ensured beneficial refreshment and trial among the target group.

The results of the activation are impressive: over 4,000 game impressions and over 90,000 samples speak for a thematically appropriate and wide-reaching brand activation of Aquarius.

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