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USP Analytics Data-driven KPI reporting

Especially for POS activities close to sales, data-driven reporting is important to make the success of implemented activities measurable: on the one hand, the quality of implementation (what was implemented and how?) is of interest, on the other hand, and especially of course, the degree of target achievement (what was achieved with the activity?). With USP Analytics and our reporting, we offer our customers transparency and important data for the evaluation and ongoing optimization of POS activities.

Planning and reporting tool for POS merchandising and sales promotions

USP merchandisers receive all missions via app directly on their smartphone. Once the merchandiser is on site at the store, he starts the mission in the app. He is then guided through each task to be completed and does his reporting per task in real time. If there are deviations from the brief or if certain tasks cannot be completed as specified, a corresponding comment must be stored for the task.

After the quantitative and qualitative reporting, the photo reporting of the completed job follows at the end. The desired photos are taken in the correspondingly stored photo category - for example, there are photos of layouts or of the effect of the placed advertising material. Each visit to a POS is finished after all tasks have been completed and the data, including photos, is transmitted to the USP project team in real time at the push of a button.

In USP Analytics, the project team can practically check at the same time whether the order has been implemented in the required quality or whether corrections are still necessary. In the event of errors, the project team sends the order with the corresponding feedback back to the merchandiser's smartphone so that the merchandiser can make the correction on site, if possible. Thanks to real-time reporting, special incidents can also be identified at an early stage, communicated directly to other merchandisers, and subsequent errors can thus be avoided in the future.

USP also relies on digital reporting for sales promotions. Sales figures and important KPIs such as conversion rates are standard - as well as almost all other data that is of interest to customers. Reporting can be set up via USP Analytics according to many dimensions, almost entirely according to the customer's wishes and the specific project requirements.

USP Analytics is used to determine and evaluate all KPIs requested by the customer. Thanks to digital reporting, comprehensive analyses are possible, e.g. all KPIs can be analyzed down to store level. The detailed reports provide the customer with valuable insights and help to work the market even better and, especially in the case of year-round implementations, to incorporate ongoing optimizations into the implementation.

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USP Analytics Data-driven KPI reporting

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