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Innovative concept creates brand experience at the POS Schwarzkopf "Create Your Style" POS-Roadshow

Aiming to create a hip, young, dynamic and fashionable aura, Schwarzkopf used 2018’s #CreateYourStyle campaign to strengthen its position in the area of progressivity. USP’s “Create your Style” roadshow framed this brand positioning and created a memorable experience for the target group.

Innovation, creativeness and a feel for trends: Schwarzkopf has been synonymous with competence and passion in the worlds of hair care and styling for 120 years. The 2018 “Create your Style” campaign was among the measures created to celebrate this proud anniversary. The underlying theme was to emphasise that Schwarzkopf has the right product for every consumer and their individual (hair) style. Acting on behalf of Henkel, USP contributed to this campaign by designing a high-impact live marketing POS drive at Coop City and Manor to bring the message home to the consumers. With one intention: For every consumer to discover the best version of themselves.

A moment of fame

USP came up with something special for the campaign: Designed as a styling salon, the promotion stand with its styling bar invited visitors to drop by and have a professional coiffeur to create an entirely personal and individual look. The stand elements were reminiscent of a Hollywood film set, at which the target group experienced a moment of fame under the skilled hands of an experienced hairstylist. Sales displays and other visibility elements guaranteed a strong brand presence and brought the products to life, illustrating how easy it is to fashion a personal look at home.

The professional hairstylists responded individually to each visitor, created the desired look using Schwarzkopf products and gave the target group an immersive experience of the Schwarzkopf world. Photos were taken of the new look at the end of the professional styling: a rear shot right into the mirror helped to document the results from the back and the front. Consumers therefore received a nice souvenir and a style guide to recreate the look at home. Every visitor was encouraged to post their personal style on Instagram under the #createyourstyle hashtag. They were then entered in an attractive competition with the chance to win a trip to Berlin – including a personal shopping assistant and style consultant.

USP took charge of designing the campaign, the stand look, planning and organisation on behalf of Schwarzkopf: Besides tour planning and work rosters, POS coordination, personnel recruitment and training of promotional staff, USP was also responsible for logistics, including assembly and dismantling of the stand infrastructure.


High-impact staging of the brand anniversary and the “Create your style” campaign in the retail setting of Coop City & Manor. Consumer activation at the POS with direct integration of Schwarzkopf products to trigger a call-to-action on the shop floor in the best-case scenario.


Lavishly detailed, high-visibility and branded replica of a “Create your style” salon with modular stand design for flexible staging, depending on the available space and general circumstances of the retail channels. Consumer activation through free and professional hair styling that invited visitors to test and experience Schwarzkopf products for themselves. Attractive add-on offer, supported by strong POS visibility to stimulate impulse purchases, including an Instagram competition to transport the live contacts into digital channels.


Over 7,000 direct contacts, more than 2,000 product sales and 800+ professional hairstyles for happy consumers enjoying a memorable Schwarzkopf brand experience!

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