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USP is one of the leading full service marketing agencies for staff based marketing. You can expect a young, dynamic and networked team. At the moment we have the following vacancies open:

Für die Unterstützung von diversen Promotionsprojekten von renommierten Kunden mit den bekanntesten Marken aus der Konsumgüterindustrie (FMCG) suchen wir für unser Team in Thalwil per sofort für ca. 4 bis 6 Monate eine engagierte, motivierte und zuverlässige Persönlichkeit als Trainee im BTL-Marketing-Team FMCG/Konsumgüter 100% (m/w).

In dieser Funktion bist Du für den umfassenden Projektsupport zuständig und begleitest die Projekte in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Projektleiter von der Planungsphase bis zur Umsetzung und Kunden-Debriefing.

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Promotions and Fairs

USP is constantly looking for committed young people for exciting promotional assignments all over Switzerland.

Afin de renforcer son équipe, USP Partner AG est à la recherche, sur l’ensemble du territoire suisse, de personnes engagées, fiables et flexibles. USP met alors dès aujourd’hui au concours les postes de: Promotrices et promoteurs, hôtesses et hôtes

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Du hast eine Affinität für Kunst und liebst internationale Grossanlässe. Dann könntest du schon bald als Hostess/Host an einer der weltweit wichtigsten Kunstmessen – der Art Basel in Basel -  im Einsatz stehen. Die Art Basel in Basel wartet auf dich!

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Zur Verstärkung unseres Promotorenteams suchen wir in der ganzen Schweiz Promotorinnen und Promotoren, welche die hochwertigen Produkte von Villiger der Zielgruppe näher bringen.

Hier findest du weitere Informationen zu diesen tollen Einsätzen: Inserat

Per i differenti eventi e le nostre attività di marketing che pianifichiamo, organizziamo e realizziamo per i nostri rinomati clienti nel settore del consumo e dei servizi, siamo alla ricerca di personale affidabili, motivato e flessibile in tutto il Ticino per rafforzare diversi Team di promotori e per ampliare il nostro Pool.

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Practical concepts
from A to Z

The most important factor for a successful activity is a clear target as a starting point for its conception. No matter whether it’s about increasing the turnover and revenue or about focusing on image relevant dimensions, essential is a tangible formulation of the result, which shall be achieved with the chosen measure.

In the beginning, besides information to brand and product and to further general conditions, the target formulation is all we need to know from you. Based on your target we will take care of the rest – we will establish a profitable concept with a practical mechanism, which will lead to the goal and therefore to the wanted success.

With your briefing as a basis and depending on the type and extent of the assignment we will begin with developing general directions and ideas, then in a next step we will substantiate these ideas in main concepts, and finally we will develop a detailed concept for the preferred idea. This, naturally, is always done in close contact with you as our customer. Only when we have created a satisfying concept, which has been agreed on by both sides, will we plan a qualitatively superior implementation, where you will profit from a professional project management from A to Z.

For over 15 years, USP has designed planned and implemented sales activities and promotions at POS and outside the sales channels for its customers. During these years we have obtained a lot of experience, which we like to place at our customers disposal. The most expensive investments are worthless if the concept is not oriented towards the defined target, if it is missing a clear mechanism and communication with the customer is not done properly.

How satisfied are you with the success of your „below-the-line“ marketing activities? We are happy to accompany you and advise you on designing, planning and implementing all staff based activities, and we would like to place our experience at your disposal.

Do you already have an idea or a finished concept? We are the right partner for that as well! With the same passion as we develop ideas and concepts we also implement them. It would be our pleasure to free you from all the tasks in this respect and thanks to a professional project management we can guarantee you an impeccable implementation!

Contact us – we are happy to consult you!